Inspiring Australians

I could hardly believe my luck recently when I  discovered two thingInspiring Australianss:

  1. A book has very recently been published called Inspiring Australians: The First Fifty Years of the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust, by Penelope Hanley.
  2. It is available through my library in Hobart, Tasmania.

Naturally I reserved it immediately since I could scarely think of a better resource for researching about the Trust to help me prepare my application.

When the book arrived for collection a few days later I raced to the library (a bit nerdy but true) to take it out. Then I proceeded to read it cover to cover in four days. It’s 300 pages long so that’s pretty good going.

It’s an absolutely terrific read – wonderfully-written, engaging, well-paced, cleverly structured, very informed and, of course, inspiring.

I thought I’d track down the author to pass on my thoughts. Turns out Penelope is a communications professional, like me. She’s also a film critic, book reviewer, novelist and – naturally enough – a lover of Argentinian tango.

I found her email on the net and sent her a quick message. Next day she got back to me with this: “Thank you so much for your kind words about the book. Made my day!”

Very nice.



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