Application submitted!

I have submitted my application for a Churchill Fellowship 2017!

After weeks of planning, writing, re-writing, getting sage advice and keeping myself awake at night thinking about it, I finally pressed “submit” on the final version.

Now the nervous wait begins to see if I am fortunate enough to get an interview.

Leigh with a cup of hot chocolate
A celebratory cup of cocoa after submitting.

Writing the application was pretty demanding. I’m very passionate about my project. But it was a challenge to distill it down into something succinct and clear that the section panel would immediately grasp and, hopefully, be enthused about!

I was incredibly fortunate to have some amazing support over the past two months.

My referees Ange Dwyer and Russell Kelly have been extremely supportive. Ange’s advice on the specifics of the application were really helpful.

I was also very lucky to get some truly insightful feedback from former Churchill Fellows: Clare Hawkins, Alison Black and Simone Walters. All three gave their advice willingly and generously which speaks well to the qualities of Churchill Fellows and the kind-hearted and supportive nature of the Trust.

And now I wait – and prepare for the interview, just in case I get one 🙂

Simone reckons it’s a “killer application” and I’m in with a “very good chance”. I certainly hope she’s right.

So while the application process has been a challenge, it has been a very enjoyable one. As Churchill himself said: “Difficulties mastered are opportunities won.”



3 thoughts on “Application submitted!”

      1. Let your passion shine through. Most of the interview panel can’t really judge your specialist subject – they are looking at you, the person, and wondering, “will this investment be good for Australia? Is this the sort of person that is going to make the most of the knowledge gained and make sure others benefit from it too?”

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