Applying – by hook or by crook

I’ve been super crook this week. (‘Crook’ is Australian for unwell.) After returning from a weekend in Melbourne I came down with a shocking virus which has laid me up in bed for most of the week.

Leigh working on his application
Plugging away despite the virus

When not sleeping or feeling feverish (which is most of the time) I have managed to squeeze in a bit of work on my application.

With only six weeks to go before the submission deadline I feel a pressing need to keep plugging away at it, despite the virus.

I’ve been super fortunate to have some amazing help from a former Churchill fellow who has been sharing her ideas and experience with me.

I keep seeing that kind of generosity and openness among the Churchill Fellows. It just makes me want to be part of their tribe!

I’ve also been planning my potential itinerary as part of the application. The thought of being able to meet these amazing people in the US and Europe just blows me away!

I soooooo hope I get the chance to do this. I’m so excited about the potential of my project. And as the people said at the information evening, it would be life-changing.